Room Additions

Room Additions

As your family grows and your home keeps getting smaller, the time comes when you simply have to consider adding more space to your home. Whether you need it to build additional bedrooms or bathrooms, or perhaps to store family valuables and memorabilia, we can design a room addition that will not only satisfy these needs, but also add to your home’s attractiveness.

Adding space requires time in planning out even the smallest details to make the new addition a natural extension of your home. Boston Remodel Group specializes in room additions and building remodeling and will take you step by step through every phase of your project.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our team has got the skills and expertise to provide the most extensive building, remodeling and room additions services to Boston homeowners. Our knowledge, experience and craftsmanship enable us to take even the smallest details into consideration and help you achieve your desired goals. We provide a range of individually customized services to ensure that your family is happy and satisfied with the added space.

Highly experienced and qualified staff

Our building and remodeling staff have been professionally trained and licensed. They keep a full line of business insurance. Having worked in the building and remodeling environment for many years, they understand every aspect of remodeling and have tackled most problems associated with room additions. With Boston Remodel Group, our clients are always confident that the task will be executed correctly, on budget and on time.

Well attuned to various client needs and requirements

We remain constantly attuned to the input and needs of our clients to ensure that they get the chance to be a part of the construction process, whose end result will be exactly what they wanted. Our desire is for them to remain active throughout the entire process for maximum satisfaction. We customize the project to be in line with their objectives and goals. In our line of work, customer input is of utmost importance.

Top-quality materials

Our company invests in high quality building materials that eliminate risks associated with poor choices. We collaborate with Boston-based suppliers that allow access to competitively priced, high quality, locally-made room addition materials.

Expert assessment

Before we embark on any room addition project, we make an expert assessment of the layout of the property and make decisions based on it, as well as the intended use of the new room. We make sure that the placement of the room complements the design and the existing utilities and fixtures in our clients’ Boston homes.

At Boston Remodel Group, we work with our customers at every stage of the process to ensure that they understand the success of their room addition project also depends on their input. Our desire is that the room additions meet their desires, goals and objectives perfectly and that we provide them with the highest quality services available.