About Us

About Us

Boston Remodel Group is a trustworthy remodeling contractor (Contractor License #123456), specializing in home renovation and remodeling. We are proud to have serviced numerous homes and given Boston homeowners modern, attractive and sustainable places to live and enjoy life.

Impeccable Designs Made by Innovative Design Experts

The first stage in every project is the design. Our designers are seasoned professionals and excellent communicators who will interpret your ideas fully and incorporate them into the final design. They will gladly guide you through different design solutions and how they might work in your home. They pay special attention to the existing design of your home, so as to come up with an integrative design solution that will build up on the existing patterns and add the much needed freshness. Most importantly, our design team always weighs creative ideas against the current industry standards, so they successfully blend the old with the new and give the clients beautiful and sustainable homes.

Trustworthy and Reliable

As a reputable Boston remodeling contractor, we always obtain the necessary permits for our clients’ projects. We also support our clients in doing the relevant paperwork, since we have an extensive experience in the area. Where innovation meets tradition, we are there to show what experience has taught us and to take up any challenge. Our goal is to provide reliable services and give the clients and their families sustainable and functional homes they will simply adore.

Honest and Detailed Cost Estimates

We believe it is essential to provide the clients with detailed and comprehensive cost estimates, since it enables them to rationalize their priorities and plan the budget accordingly. We account for all the probable costs and present the clients with a fair estimate. Boston Remodel Group has an excellent track record of helping clients prioritize their project expenses and determine the project dynamics. The scope of an individual project depends on a variety of factors, budget being one of them. That is why it is necessary to plan ahead.

It is our priority never to jeopardize the quality, regardless of the budget. As experienced professionals, we know how so much can be done with so little. Moreover, the suppliers we work with provide us with designer and contractor discounts, so we are able to offer excellent products and highest quality materials to our clients at budget rates. We are especially proud to have transformed so many houses in Boston, while never exceeding their owners’ budget.

Personalized Approach and a Timely Completion

At Boston Remodel Group, we believe in a personalized approach to every client. We understand the strains a project can pose to them or their families and disrupt their everyday activities, so we try to be considerate and patient. Our clients receive regular updates on their project’s progress, and they can have all their questions answered via email, phone or in in-office consultation sessions.

We boast a host of projects completed within the set time frame and allocated budget. If you need a reliable partner for your next home remodeling project, Boston Remodel Group is just a phone call away.